Iím working and Iíve got a knife - Donít touch me if you prize your life - But then itís to a restaurant for me. The moneyís mine, Iíll wine and dine, If that offends some people, fine - íCos thatís the way itís always gonna be. This geezer then comes up to me, Says: "In our troubled century Iíd like to rid our land of scum like you." I tricked that pup, I stitched him up, I bit my lip and slit his gut And thatís just what Iím always gonna do. But if you only want to chat Then have a drink, letís chew the fat - Weíll put the world to rights, just you and me. But if you do what that guy done Our laws apply to everyone, And thatís the way itís always gonna be.
© Margaret & Stas Porokhnya. Translation, 2008