I was into women and flirtation And each day had more than my fair share; There were scores of tales in circulation all around me All about my personal affairs. And one day by chance along the highway By the sea - where dangers can be rife - I met one of many who came my way On the rocky road that was my life. There was not a girl whos heart was bigger, With so free and generous a soul, And shed got a lovely, curvy figure - While as for me, Id pockets full of holes. But she needed rings and things as presents, Brand-new perfumes, restaurants each night; In return shed give you something pleasant From her range of dubious delights. She said: "Come on, Vasya, lets canoodle - Take my precious body on a plate." I said: "Okay, for a hundred roubles - Or for more, Ill bring along a mate." Ah, but women without careful handling Champ the bit and rear like angry steeds. It was maybe my misunderstanding, For she took offence and took her leave. In a month my worries proved unfounded; In a month she once more came to call. I would say, theres no two ways around it, That the price had pleased her after all.
Margaret & Stas Porokhnya. Translation, 2008