Today a rumour flew around our work crew: The factory had planned a fancy-dress do. They gave us masks with jumbosí trunks And rabbitsí ears and mugs like drunks And told us that the zoo would be the venue. "Why should I get all done up for this zoo do? For pityís sake, my darling, tell me your view." She goes: "I want you dressing up, So make sure you donít mess things up Or Iíll make out as usual Iím not with you." "I got a dress", she says, "from Nadya, brand new - Iíll be Marina Vlady at the works do. And so on Sunday, come what may, Though youíll be with me well away, At least Iíll wear a smart dress and my best shoes." Why did I iron my suit and comb my hair through? They caught me on arrival at the town zoo. As Kolka who set up this farce Gave me an alcoholicís mask The geezers took me off to drink some home brew. And by the time I got back to the venue Thereís two Marina Vladys, so two wives too, Dressed up as beasts and then I spied Two great big hippos by their side - So like a beast that waits to pounce I withdrew. The next day when I went back to my work crew They gave me an award as at the works do Not only was my drunkard act Convincing but much more than that I got among the hippos in their cage too.
© Margaret & Stas Porokhnya. Translation, 2008