It’s with anticipation that today I’m sorting out my special Saturday, For just as long as Ninka’s mood’s all right I’ll get my life all sorted out tonight. "When someone’s robbed she’s an accessory; Leave her alone." But she appeals to me. "Come out with us, we’re going to paint the town - You’ll find a drink or two will calm you down." Today there’s no way you’ll lead me astray; Your plans don’t tempt me, guys, in any way - Today my Ninka’s going to tell me "yes" And that will fill my life with happiness. "A pretty piece of work your Ninka is! With every bloke in town she’s done the biz - And who would want her with her history?" I still don’t care, she just appeals to me. She said she loves me so that’s finalised. "A hundred roubles says she’s telling lies - She throws herself at every man she sees." It makes no difference, she appeals to me. "Her voice is croaky and her hygiene’s poor; She’s got a black eye and one leg’s too short; She’s always dressed for cleaning lavatories." But what the hell, she still appeals to me. They say she’s not famed for her prettiness, But that’s the type of girl that I like best. So what if Ninka’s an accessory? It just increases her appeal for me.
© Margaret & Stas Porokhnya. Translation, 2008