Why should I be branded a crim and a vandal When anti-Semite is a much better handle? Though under the law they’re officially villains They’ve got the support of fanatical millions. I made up my mind, someone’s ripe for a bruising, But what’s a Semite? This could all get confusing. What if they’re all right and behave as they ought to - And what if through them I get into hot water? My friend who’s the alkie you see down the grocer’s Said they’re simply Jews; he’s a teacher, he knows stuff; So, brothers, the outlook could not be much brighter; I’ve no need to worry, my heart feels much lighter. I fought it a long time - I’ve pure admiration For Albert Einstein, who belongs to that nation; You’ve got to forgive me, but this made me think on; How should I relate then to Abraham Lincoln? Among them there’s Kapler, imprisoned by Stalin, And my favourite comic, the great Charlie Chaplin, My friend Rabinovich, the victims of fascists - And let’s not forget the original Marxist. We’d just done a job when that drunk said to sway me They suck up the blood of our Christian babies; And once in the bar the boys said, so I know now, They crucified God - but that’s ages ago now. They chase after blood till it makes them demented; The elephant here in the zoo was tormented! And I know they stole from the people, the bastards, The harvest that all the past year would have lasted! Round Kazan and Kurska along where the tracks are They live like they’re gods in their fabulous dachas. I’ll rob and I’ll use all the strength I can muster; I’m beating up Yids and I’m rescuing Russia!
© Margaret & Stas Porokhnya. Translation, 2007