Iím tired of being a gangster and bandit, Iíll join anti-Semites - itís cool, safe and splendid! They have on their side no laws and no orders, But peopleís support of these folks has no borders. I made up my mind - and someone will be battered, But who are these Semites - I must know better. Perhaps, they are people quite decent and fair, To touch those people, of course, I donít dare. But one of my buddies, a boozer and cripple, Explained that these Semites are Jews - itís so simple! Itís fortune, itís luck, so rare and dear, I worry no more, since Iíve nothing to fear! On my reputation there was no swine stain - I always respected this guy Albert Einstein, Excuse me for being too tough and too vicious, But Lincolnís first name sounds very suspicious Among them there are victims of hitlerism, Among them this crank who made up communism, You see those Jews everywhere around, Including my fave, Charlie Chaplin, the clown. But that old boozer - he told me, inspired, That Jews suck our Christian blood like vampires, And when we were drinking one man let me know That they crucified Jesus Christ long ago. They tortured to death in the zoo poor camels These Jews feed on blood like on milk do the mammals, I know these Jews stole bread from the nation To cause epidemics and widespread starvation. They grab all the best, and they win all the tosses; Theyíve built classy villas and live like big bosses... Iím ready for beating, for looting, for crushing, Iíll kick those kikes and Iíll save dear Russia.
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2001
Edited by Robert Titterton