What do we know of the Indian culture? The films with endings which you can forecast, A multihanded gold Shiva’s sculpture And famous yogis - such a weird cast! Once a yogi in the mood Could Starve a month and manage with Ease. But today they’ve got a new Kink, Eat a lot and in full view Drink! Come on! Big deal! We also are soggy With vodka - though we aren’t exotic guys. With us on every corner there’s a yogi, Just ours is always in disguise! Many tricks a yogi can Play. Once on nails a yogi man Lay. That position he for long Kept, For a week he on and on Slept! A lot of secrets any yogi’s keeping, One day I’d ask a yogi tete-a-tete: How come a yogi’s still alive and kicking If even something poisonous he ate? With no air he can dwell Well, He is hurt with no word Heard, His own life he with one phrase Stops, “Die” he’d say, becoming a Corpse! I asked a yogi, dining on hardware, He chewed a razor like it was a cake: “Reveal your secrets, I’ll keep mum, I swear! With me your secrets to my grave I’ll take!” Very simple his response Was, With a bicker we began Then. I will not repeat what he Said, On his words no light can be Shed!
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2003
Edited by Robert Titterton