Some people worship Allah, others - Buddha, others - Jesus, Some others care not a hoot about this holy brood... A very smart religion was invented by the Hindus That when we kick the bucket we donít seem to die for good. Your soul was noble, great and big - Youíll have the same again. But if you lived just like a pig - A swine you will remain! If people disapprove of you - itís not the cause for crying, When born anew youíll get a tongue as sharp as hunterís knife; And if - when living your first life - you saw your foe dying, Youíll get a pair of keen eyes in your forthcoming life. Enjoy your life and donít be cross, And donít complain of fate - For straight into a bigwig boss You may reincarnate.
If you are just a janitor - youíll be revived as foreman And then a minister one day youíll probably become; If you are silly as a stump (itís an unlucky omen!) - Youíll turn into a stupid stump for lots of years to come. Get rid of venom if you can, Donít ape and donít you fox - Weíve got to live our earthly span As normal decent folks. So who was what and who is who - we never know the answer; Biologists went crazy with those chromosomes and genes. This blighted cat - just look at him! - could be a nasty rascal, And that kind gentleman could be a shark with fangs and fins. To my delight I give free vent, Iím like a saint, indeed... The clever Hindus did invent A comfortable creed!
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2001
Edited by Robert Titterton