This bloody battle I got on the brain - Death our names was calling... And from the sky, like a soundless rain, Stars kept on falling. Another went down and I wished not to die, Not to be killed in that action... That’s how my life to the star I could tie - A stupid connection... We were pushed forward, they ordered us: ”Fight! Spare no shells, no soldiers!” Here the second star fell from its height Straight on your shoulders. This shooting was over and luck took my part - Seems like I’ve drawn three sevens... Here a stray star shot me in the heart Straight from the heavens... Stars in the sky are like fish in the sea - Each man can get his packet... Had I not fallen I’d also receive A star on my jacket. I could have given this star to my boy - Come, sonny, fetch it... A star in the sky shines so timid and coy - There’s no one to catch it...
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2001
Edited by Robert Titterton
© Chris Adams. Music, 2011
Javier Ballester. Performance, 2011