Here firs their paws, softly trembling, protrude, Here birds whistle calmly and lightly... You live in a spellbound magical wood, From which an escape is unlikely. Cherries dry in the wind, which is heartless and rude, In this wind blooming lilac is chilling... All the same I will take you away from this wood To a palace where reedpipes are trilling! Some wizard one day on your world put a spell, Itís locked and I canít get in there; And you are convinced that this worldís nice and swell, You think, itís without compare! On the grass in the morning there is no dew, Skies are dizzy with clouds in motion... All the same I will come and I will carry you To a mansion that faces the ocean! And when comes the day, when the hour comes Youíll leave that abode of a fairy, And Iíll take you quickly away in my arms To where no porters can carry! Iíll steal you - sometimes stealing isnít too bad! I canít wait any longer in tension! Are you ready for Eden with me in a shed? Someoneís captured both palace and mansion!
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2002
Edited by Robert Titterton
© Michael Ohlsson. Performance, ?