Compared to me, casino shills are losing color, They are just suckers whom I easily can beat! Please, send me on a business trip to Monte Carlo, Iíll teach their grifters how to stack and cheat! The local malls or local beauties arenít my goals, Blackjack and keeno - thatís my job and fun! Casino dealers, licking dust beneath my soles, Will cry for mercy - but Iíll hit and run! My bets on red, my bets on black will all be winners, Itís sleight of hand and you should never call it ďtheftĒ, And in the end in their numerous casinos But massive tables, green and empty, will be left! I will enjoy the beach, so colorful and sunny, Iíll drink good wine - they know what to serve! I will return, my suitcase jammed with their money, Iíll hand it straight to our national reserve! Itís not a joke, itís a real proposition, To death Iím sentenced, but my plan can change my fate - Replace my verdict with this foreign expedition, I will be useful to my dear State!
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2003
Edited by Robert Titterton