Iím a plumber youíve not seen for ages, Money burns in my pocket like hell, As I get very good monthly wages And a quarterly bonus as well. Oneís supposed to earn lots of dough If he drinks every evening like nuts, And my bride in Tambov doesnít know That Iím dating two Moscow sluts. To my bride I would post a parcel, But for sluts I would purchase champagne... Then all night, when we hustle and bustle They would tucker me till Iím insane! Thus, I feel that my health disappears, And at work I no longer excel, As my physical end quickly nears, With the end of my bonus as well! Girls are tiring, girls are depleting, And exhausting and always berserk! So I told them: ďBabes, I am quitting, Seek another big sucker or jerk!Ē Now my lifeís calm and quite advantageous - I feel fine, I feel cool, I feel swell! I alone drink away all my wages And my quarterly bonus as well!
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2006
Edited by Robert Titterton