From meeting you I knew I would receive Too many troubles, problems and vexation, But I at once with you began to live, Ignoring this unkind anticipation. Then from your life I scraped away the scale, And then I pulled you from your ditch upstairs, I also cut off a winding tail - So long a tail of your short-lived affairs. I had to beat your clients quite a bit, I canít recall all street fights that I was in; Among these guys, I now must admit, There were some lads who really were worthy. Whatever wished, from me you would obtain, Each day with you I turned into a wedding; Because of you I jumped under the train, But, luckily, I missed the railway bedding. Youíd wait for me - I thought behind the bars, But you betrayed me in a filthy manner; And from the skies for you Iíd steal the stars And also some stars straight from the banner! You cheat on me - but I still want to talk! Donít drink, donít lie - I swear, Iíll forgive you! Youíll get from me a present - Little Rock And also Big Apple I will give you! We are to meet again - Iím in dismay! I fear your wild sexual ambition, As in Japan folks fear till today Hiroshimaís atomic repetition!
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2006
Edited by Robert Titterton