There lives a gutsy fellow Barry, He’s in the saddle day and night; He’s got too many debts to carry, But if you ask: “Are you all right?” He’ll hardly move his square jaws To grunt: “By far I’m safe and sound, But as we live without laws, Just on my colt I have to count!” His life has not been sweet and mellow, Yet nonetheless he’s in the pink! This Barry is a gutsy fellow - To stay alive he needs a drink! He’s stroking his brown horse, While smelling danger all around: “We’re being chased. There are no laws, So just on you I have to count!” You’ve been attacked, your ranch is harried... Don’t cry to God about that. You’d better now turn to Barry, He will pay off your heavy debt! In many traps he often was, But none has seen him crushed or downed. Since nonexistent are the laws We all on Barry have to count! For all his foes he’s tough and scary, For all his friends his record’s clean... That’s what he’s like - this gutsy Barry, Whose soul’s great, whose purse is lean. He will reply without a pause If up to high words he is wound: “Until the State has no laws, On you yourself you have to count!”
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2001
Edited by Robert Titterton