What she’s got Is a lot - home, wealth and what not... As for me - I am renting a lousy corner. With this girl I am dreaming of tying the knot, But from her I get no respect and no honor. Late at night In her window there’s still a light. Every week with her friends, I was told, she parties. There are two Movie actors she’d always invite, And one famous and prominent theater artist. A few facts Of her life I have pulled from a char, Who was ready to talk for a pound of toffees, I have learnt That her brother’s a big soccer star, And her dad is a clerk in the Treasury Office. I will say With her brother I’m blown away, And all matches I watch from the VIP sector. I will say That I, too, in some spectacles play, But, of course, so far as an amateur actor! She has got A geranium pot on her sill, And a beautiful window curtain, What I’ve got - Is a round and absolute nil, Only dust in my corner is certain.
But in luck I believe and in Fortune I trust! I will purchase a ticket they sell for the lotto. Though life is unfair and very unjust, I will win with this ticket a luxury auto!
© George Tokarev. Translation, 2007
Edited by Robert Titterton