Itís happened on my birthday - I havenít done something of wrongs In holiday to get relaxed, is fashion of mine All of a sudden - "Stop!", I easy got handcuffed And one from cops suggested: suspect, hearsay, has distributed drugs Calm down, cop, do not get so excited I am newcomer, by last name Sergeev I do not have luck out of idea Who is habitual offender youíre still looking for Itís happened on my birthday, as bacons were on duties Assigned with excessive plans to die for doing that To get awarded in a case of plans performed by its volume As such somebody career criminal is weighted as a gold They played respect: "Sit down, buddy!" And even offer cigarette and light "Sergeev, here, let you know, warrant Sign here on report - all done!" Itís happened on my birthday, at time after sunset I got congratulated, but I was steady sober Nevertheless, I got restrained allegedly in ordinary order Those undercovers enjoyed their business truly well "Well, you are not noob in the courthouse But I by definition hate all math" "So, however, youíre career criminal?" "Luck, sure, not - My name Sergeev, be advised." Itís happened on my birthday, I was exhausted, but explained Despite of claim, my cop recalled High School and math He demonstrated sum, multiplication and in total His allegation told me I was already charged many times So, I was given cop-report and Put my signature as well as can I wrote, one word recalled: "Habitual", Last name "Sergeev" seemed like mine." Itís happened on my birthday, I felt dog-tired, even beaten But Iím truly satisfied already with this one In my consideration of police work well planned I am well coining with my modest performance very well.
© Boris Kízorin. Translation, 2015