Shifman Mike is a clever guy. He is looking far ahead. "What we see here, you and I? Once, to me he sadly said. "Just stare at TV-set aloof (Let it go to hell!) While all smarter people move right to Israel. Furthermore, he also said, When we went to our spot, That, by his receiving set, Golda Meir herself he caught. And redrew such a landscape, Tempting into catches, That I hardly could escape Falling in her clutches. First, I wasn’t yet that drunk And, objecting, have replied, "People say, Moshe Dayan Is an agressor single-eyed. Like a Pharaoh, he is Chilling blood in hearts. And whenever I see this, I am not a part." Mike, in rage, has cried aloud, "They themselves were mean and vile, Driving us from Egypt out For exodus and exile! And to expirate this shame (Here he drank another glass) Let us move, in Jesus name, To Jerusalem, both of us! After all, you know Nick, I do need a company, and I for you, as you for me, Not just any nodding friend. We will wander in Holy Land, Godly, pious, devout... Now, I want to understand, Are you in or out. "I’m all yours, you know well. You did save me then, in port. However, I should tell «Russian» ‘s written in my passport. I would join, with all my heart, But have no jewish blood at all; Maybe, Tatar, in small part, Or, which ‘s even worse, Mongol." No doubts with Shifman Mike, He is from Jewish nation; His ancestors are all alike, In every generation. His grandfather withered lies, A wrecker-doctor former, While my kin ‘re anisemites And some ‘re even informers. "But you know", I resumed, "You ‘re a physician yourself; With their CVs and resumes In Israel are crammed all shelves. Each third one a doctor is, That’s by far too many, yet. So, just think and tell me please, How a job there could you get?"
Mike is shouting, "To heck with this! It’s our time to choose a side: Either the Promised Land and bliss, Or just double suicide. Seeing him in such despair, (Which is dangerous, I’d say) I’ve just gulped another beer, And replied, "OK" ...To an office, the huge line: Hundreds want from here to move. Mike’s petition they decline, Mine immediately approve. "What a shame!" he shouted Jewish am I, you hear?!" They said, "We don’t doubt it. Shut up and disappear! Mike is now thinking hard, Was it a plot or just bad luck, And despite he’s very smart, Still, he got completely stuck. I am just OK, thank God, Mike is boozing second day, Saying that from Russia, not Russians shouldn’t rush away.
© Vladimir Gurvich. Translation, 2013