In a kingdom, where all was neat and quiet, Where there were no tempests, no wars, There appeared a wild boar, very giant: Either bull, or aurochs, or buffalo. Their king had indigestion and asthma. Only by the cough in fear he put. In the meantime beast appalling and ghastly Ate the ones and dragged the others to wood. Then three edicts were by king promulgated: "Itís necessary to conquer the beast. Who will dare, in a little time later Lead the princess to the altar at least". And in that very despairing kingdom (After enter, aslant you are to wend) There lived in reckless and heedless boredom The best kingly shooter in retirement. On the floor, there, chaps and hides rolled about. There was singing. People drank meads. And then Troubadours blew the trumpets aloud, Snatched shooter to the king was conveyed. And the king cackled to him: "Listen, youngster! Morals I am not in mood to recite. If tomorrow you will kill wonder-monster, Then the princess will be yours. Go and fight!" Shooter cried: "Is it reward for such business? You, roll out for me the cask of the port! Even gratis I will not take the princess. I will conquer wonder-monster for naught. And the king: "Youíll take her! I put the dot here. Or Iíll cast you into gaol from this spot. She is anyhow the kingly daughter." Shooter said: "You may kill me, I will not! While these two men squabbled so till shouts, Almost all women and hens had been lost. Near the very palace it loafed about: Either bull, or aurochs, or buffalo. It could not be helped. The port was obtained, Shooter killed the monster and ran away. Thus the king and princess were shamed and stained By the best marksman disgraced from old days.
© Eugeny Koshelev. Translation, 2007