Who has said? - "All has burnt to the clay. It is vain to cast seed onto soil." Who said that the earth died in flame? Nay. She has for a while hidden herself. No one could strip her of motherhood. No one can rob her, as no one can scoop ocean. Who believes, that the burnt earth is doomed? Nay. She has grown black from the hardships. Rip-like trenches lay down onto the earth. And wound-like craters gape on her ground. Her disquieted and naked nerves Know unearthly pain, which spreads around. She will wait. She will have stood all stings. Sheís not cripple. Donít write down her thither. Who has said, that the earth donít sing, That she has become silent for ever? Nay. She sounds now, deafening moans, Out of all bloody wounds and all holes; Because earth is our soul. It is known: By boots itís vain to trample the soul. Who believes that they burnt down the earth? Nay. She has for a while hidden herself.
© Eugeny Koshelev. Translation, 2007