Here paws of fur trees tremble by the wind. Alarmingly birds here tweet. You live in the wood, which is conjured and wild. And which is impossible to quit. Let bird cherry trees dry linen like in the wind. Lilacs let drop of flowers the rain. All the same I from here will you some day bring To the castle where quills will be playing. Your world by the wizards about thousand years Is hiding from me and the light. You think theres no place that in beauty is near The forest in which you reside. Let on foliage at morn there will be no dew. Let the moon is with dull wind in fight. All the same, I from here will some day bring you To the chamber with view of seaside. In which day of week, in which hour of day With ware to me will you go out? And when in my arms will I bring you away To the place where we cannot be found? I will steal, if the stealing is after your heart. Have for nothing so much strength I squandered? You agree at the least with the heaven in hut, If the castle and chamber are quartered.
Eugeny Koshelev. Translation, 2007