Don’t snatch at strange waists with such glow and zest, Having torn out of hands of your girl friends. Better recollect how Kook in his world quest Sailed up to the Australian strands; How sitting under an azalea In a circle, from sunrise till dawn Evil heathens - dwellers of Australia Ate each other day-long and night-long. But why had aboriginals eaten that poor Kook? "What for" is not clear. Silent are science books. At that big problem in a simple way we must look: They had been hungry, therefore they ate Kook. There is a version, that their chief, bugbear and big crook, Had screamed that Kook’s ship had aboard a yum-yum sea-cook. The science conceals the fact that heathens simply mistook: They wanted sea-cook, but ate the cap Kook. And neither cunning tricks nor feats were perpetrated. Without knock at door they simply penetrated. And afterwards they set in action sticks of bamboo. A knock on bregma - and captain met doom. Nevertheless there exists one more hypothesis That Kook was eaten of respect to his good properties, All were egged by the wiz such a cross-patch and sly rook. He cried: "At him, pals! Take hold of Kook!" "One, having eaten him without onion and salt, Will have become alike Kook: gracious, forceful and bold." One stone had found itself in grasp of someone’s right hand. That viper threw it. This caused the Kook’s end. And aboriginals, now full of true repentance, Writhe their arms, break bows and destroy their lances. They have burnt bamboo sticks and chucked them into some nook. Now heathens pity, that they have eaten Kook.
© Eugeny Koshelev. Translation, 2008