The soldier is always healthy, He is ready to take on anything! We are stumping the roads, As if they were dusty carpets! No time to stop, no time to change! Our faces are lit up, Our boots are shining! Across the steppes, yard by yard Walks army group "Center". One-two! Line up! Line up! First step forward and go to heaven! One! Two! Every other is a hero, too, He’ll get to heaven right after you! On-two! One-two! One-two! In front of us all land is in bloom, Behind us is only fire! Do not hope that our boss Will solve everything for us! Some sad, some cheerful, we’ll return home, Our blond fiancees will be our reward. All that is in the future, but now yard by yard The group "Center" crosses the steppes. Line up! One-two! Line up! First step forward! Go to heaven! One! Two! Here every other is also a hero, He’ll be sent to heaven right after you! One-two! One-two! One-two!
© Gulnara Elrod. Translation, 2007