I am a fighter plane! My motor sings! Sky is my home! But he, who is sitting inside of me, Thinks that he is a fighter! In this fight I put down a Junker plane, I did to it what I wanted, And he, who is sitting inside of me, Already annoyed me to death! In a past I was shot right through, And mechanic mended me up, But he, who is sitting inside of me, Sends me again in a spin! Out of me the bombs are falling And bringing death to enemies base, But it seems that the tail-plane sings "Peace to your home!" That Messerschmidt plane tailgating me! Ill leave! I am tired of wounds! But he, whos sitting inside of me, Decided to go ram! What is he doing? Well blow up! But I will not burn on a sand! Going against the rules of speed I am back, up from the dive! Im a in a lead now! Where is that plane? Where is that daredevil? He goes on fire! He nodes and dives, singing at last "Peace to your home!" He, whos sitting inside of my head, Hes left alone and in trouble! He confuses me and goes into a dive Straight from the deadly loop! He speeds up, giving me a double load! And he thinks hes first class pilot? I have to listen and to behave, But this is last time around! I wont behave again! I swear! I better lay dead on a ground! Cant he hear that my pulse got crazy? My blood - gasoline is too low! My patience has ended! I cant stand it any more! Even a machine has the end to tolerance! But he, who was sitting inside of me, Suddenly banged his head down! Hes killed! Finally! I fly at ease! Burning last sparkles of strength, But what is it? I am in deep dive, And cant come up anyhow! How sad! Too late! I did so little! But let others have their luck. It seems that at last I also sang "Peace to your home!"
Gulnara Elrod. Translation, 2007