Deep inhaling! Spread your arms! Do not rush! One-two-three! Lively soul, graciousness, plasticity! It will energize you, and take away hangover. If you are still alive, take on gymnastics.   If you are in your apartment, just lay down on your carpet! One-two-three! Complete correctly movements! Refuse influence from others! Get used to new approach. Take deep breath, until you feel exhausted.   Flu is raging in a world, virus’s spreading. One-two-three! Sicknesses take over all the continents. One, who’s sickly, gets the coffin. To retain robust health Use sponge baths for viruses prevention.   No need to do the talking. Rise and squat! Up and down! But do not frown, and do not be gloomy. If you feel extremely achy, wipe your sweat with anything. Do hydrate yourself, and fallow procedures.   If you got already tired, squat some more, up and down! Arctic, and Antarctic cannot scare you! Great academician Joffe proved that cognac and coffee Are best replaced by sports and prophylactic.   Do not be scared by bad news. Start running on a spot. Even the beginner feels like a winner. How great! No one is first, and no one is ever late. Running on a spot supports equality.  
© Gulnara Elrod. Translation, 2008