Donít ever touch the other womenís waists After you left an embrace of your sweet mate. Remember, how famous Cook, planning a summit, Came to Australia, ablaze with summer. There, under sunshine of that land, wild and dire, The aborigines sat in a circle all around a fire, They kept eating gourmet meals from dawn to dusk They ate their friends and brothers, what the fuck. But why did aborigines ate captain Cook? For what? Who knows, the scientists are mute. As Iíd imagine, it was fine in their book, They got quite hungry, and finished Cook. Some say that their chef, driven with madness, Said, thereís a yummy cock on captainís vessel. The science hides, that it was simple fluke, They wanted the cock, but captured Cook. They didnít fool around, no dirty tricks, They came without knocking, very quietly, Then activated a stick, made of bamboo, Hit him on a head "Good bye, dear Cook!" There is, again, another explanation. They ate him out of respect and adoration. The shaman, very mad and very coning Yelled "Catch him, guys, grab holy Cook!" Whoíll eat him up without any spices Will get as strong, and brave, and kind, like captain. Someone grabbed a stone right from the brook, Threw it at captain. No more Cook. The aborigines now feel extremely sorry, They brake their arrows and their bows, They burn to ash theeir sticks, made of bamboo. Theyíre so upset, that they chewed up James Cook.
© Gulnara Elrod. Translation, 2008