Some believe in Mohammed, some in Allah, some in Jesus. Some spitefully have no faith in anything at all. But Hindu people did come up with very good religion, It says that after death we are about to return. If you used to be a dreamer, You’ll be born with soaring soul. But if you lived like a nasty pig, You will remain a piglet. Let people stare at you quite strange, get used to their reproach. If you are hurt, you will be born full of satire and humor. And if you’ve seen the enemy death already in this life, You will be given very sharp eye during your next one. So go had, live a normal life, And happy stay for certain. What if inside some very big shot Your soul will get inserted?
Who cares if you are genitor, you’ll be reborn a foreman, And then after the foreman to a minister will rise. But if you are stupid, like that tree, you’ll turn to a baobab, And you’ll remain the baobab for the entire thousand years! To be a parrot is upsetting, Or a snake that lives so long. You’d rather be a decent person Before it’s time to go. So, who is who? So, who was whom? We never really know. The geneticists went crazy from genes and chromosomes! What if that ugly, mangy cat was previously a scoundrel, And that warmhearted fellow was formerly sweet dog? I am jumping with delight, And avoid all temptations! Very comforting religious plot Invented Indian nation!
© Gulnara Elrod. Translation, 2008