When the waters of world flood subsided, Returned below the borders of the shores, From foam of diminishing streams Love quietly approached the land. And got dissolved in a thin air before time, And waited for forty years forty times. There are still such mavericks among us, They inhale full chaste of ancient mix. And do not wait for the rewards, or a punishment. They think that they simply breathe, But suddenly they fallow the rhythm Of similar, uneven way to breathe. Iíll spread the fields for those, who loves. Let them sing in dreams, and when awake. I do breathe, and this means that I truly love, I do love, and this means I truly live. There will be many travels and wanders, The country of love is a vast country. This country will challenge her knights Asking, yet, for greater sacrifice. Demanding distances and separation, Depriving them of rest, calm, and sleep. But, those insane, theyíre never turning back, Already, they agreed to pay the price, Or even risk their own precious lives To save, to keep alive, to not let go Of magical, unnoticeable thread, That was tied up invisibly between them. Those, whom are chosen, get drunk from the storm, That knocks them down, and brings back from the abbess. Because, if you never really loved, Than you never lived, and never breathed. They are many, who suffocated from love, They canít hear us, call them or not. They are counted by gossip and idle talk, But this account is mixed up with their blood. Weíll place the candles at the tombs of those, Who died of such love, as never seen before. Their souls will wander among the flowers, Their voices will stay within each otherís rhythm. They will breath eternity in mutual inhale, They will meet, with a faint breath on their lips, At fragile bridges, passages, and gates, At the narrow intersections of the universe. I will spread the fields for those, who loves. Let them sing in dreams, and when awake. I do breath, which means I truly love. I do love, which means I truly live.
© Gulnara Elrod. Translation, 2008