These arenít the plains, the climateís another, One avalanch after the other And rocks scream in pain as down they slide And you can turn back, avoid the wrath, But we choose the difficult path The path of war with danger at our side He who hasnít been here himself Hasnít taken a risk, hasnít tested the self Even if down there he reached for the stars Down there youíll never, try as you might Ever set your wondering sight On anything so grand, so wondrous, so bright No flowers, no laurels, and Looks nothing like a monument The rock that keeps your eternal peace And in the sun, like a fire of fame The ice peak burns with an emerald flame The peak that you werenít able to tame And let them talk and let them compain But no, no one dies in vain Better here than from drinking and from disease Others will come, trading peaceful deeds For risks and impossible feats And pass, where you were brought to your knees Vertical drops and danger is near Beware, there is no luck here! Watch out for the rock, for the ice, for the cold We hope only for a decent end For strength, and the hand of a friend And pray for the safety equipment to hold We chop at the rocks, no going back The knees tremble and the sight goes black And the heart leaps ahead to the mountaintop The world at you feet, no words are enough And you are just slightly envious of Those others, who have yet to stand at the top
© Max Hrabrov. Translation, ?
© Zhenia Sakirski. Performance, ?