A woman wasn’t ever beaten by me And it was for the first time Now nothin’ in the world Could stop me from that To the left, to the right, I always slap ’em in faces But how it went out that a gentleman, A fighter with violence So cruel I was And at that moment, If you desire, You can call me a bastard. Let me tell you, I didn’t betray her, Oh, God, for the three whole days. I even bought her the perfume she needed. Very expensive She was, she was, she was But she had a lover, His name was Golubev Slava. He presented the Perfume already to her. To the left, to the right, Smiled my rabble with slight. I was cruel and hot-tempered I was, The claims I offered briefly. Told her that Slava was cruelly killed And she was exactly The next victim in queue. Shakin’ I came up Closely to her With my chatterin’ teeth. And with my clenchin’ fists To the left, to the right I bit her properly And now all the rabbles are Frightened by me And it’s painful to me That’s why I always Bit furiously But I can’t bit them all.
© Rinat Khusnutdinov. Translation, 2009
© Rinat Khusnutdinov. Performance, 2009