We didnít share you and didnít fondle As for we loved you - so, itís behind Valya, I keep your light image in my soul And Alex pricked your image on his left breast side. On that day we were parting at the station I promised to remember you till death. I said: "I wonít ever forget Valya!" "Me even more", - Alex replied for that. And now solve - for whom of us itís harder And for whom of us itís worse - try to decide: As for him - your profileís pricked outside him And as for me - my soulís stung inside. And when Iím so sick I wish to be beheaded Donít get insulted by my words, I beg you, I ask Alex that he undo his long shirt And for hours I look, I look at you. But, recently, my good friend and comrade Has overcome my trouble by the skill. From Alexís breast he copied out you And he pricked your profile on my breast skin. Itís embarassing to blacken friends, I know But youíre closer and more intimate for me íCause my tattoo, well, ícause your tattoo is So much better and more beautiful than his.
© Felix Kriulin. Translation, 2004