The hanging fir paws are trembled by wind, While chirping of birds is quite anxious. You live in a wild and so spellbound weald From which an escape is so hopeless... Let the bird-cherry tree dry to death in the blast. Let the lilac leaves fall off like raindrops. I am still gonna take you away from this place To the palace with sounds of reed-pipes! Your world by the wizards for ten hundred years Is hidden from me and from sun rays. Thus you still believe that thereís nothing so dear And beautiful as this blear forest. Let the moon be at odds with the overcast sky. Let the leaves have no dew in the morning. I am still gonna take you away from this site To the tower facing the briny! Which day of the week, what a glorious hour Youíll come to me out of your hiding, And Iíll carry you far away in my arms Where nobody will ever find you. I will steal you away if it pleases your heart! Didnít I squander in vain all those past years? Look, I promise you heaven within our hut, Should there be no tower or palace.
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