Take a deep breath, put your arms wide, Do not hurry, three and four! Cheer of spirit is a must and grace is prized. Generally strengthening . . . If youíre still alive, then do your exercise!   If you are in your apartment On the floor, three and four! All the movements must be done correctly. Outside influences eschew Learn to like all that is new Take deep breaths ítil youíre exhausted!   Viral colds increase by scores Through the whole world, three and four! And more illnesses can be felt. If youíre sick-death will ensue! Something else that you must do - Vigorously rub yourself to keep your health.                 If you are already tired, up and down, get up, sit down For the Arctic and Antarctica have no timidity! Itís been proven by loffe That for cognac and for coffee You can substitute sporting activity.   Itís forbidden to converse - You must squat it hurts Better not be gloomy or frown balefully! If your strength begins to flag      
© Nicholas Rzhevsky. Translation, 1996