As a razor, the dawning cut over the eyes, the triggers unlocked like magic sesame, rifflemen appeared, light in their, - and dragonflies raised upon the rotten river, and the revelry began - with two hands, with two hands! You laid down on the stomach and hid the fangs, even those, even those who jumped over the flags, feld the hollows of the wolves with the paws, those, whom the bullet couldn’t hit, laid angst-ridden down.                           We drowned in blood under the plumber rain, and accepted the fact and decided: we will not escape anyway. Melting the snow with our hot stomaches. This battle was initiated not by god, but by man. those Flying - high, those running - away. A bunch of dogs, you dare not deal with my wolve pride. Under equal ones we will rather have success. We are wolves - how well is our wolves’ live. Dogs are you - and a dogs death you deserve. Let us raise a smile in the manner of wolves to the enemy, yet we have not resigned! But - on the blood-painted snow, is melting our signature: we are no wolves anymore.                                    
© ?. Translation, 2009