Just for a brief encounter, To meet again would mean unhappiness. And me, they put me on a freight train Going east, to the gold mines of Bodaibo. Itís all over, the noise of the wheels has stopped. No more crossties. no more raills. If only one could scream, Too bad, no more tears, The tears have dried on the ground. Donít wait for me, it doesnít matter And donít get upset if things are tough for me, But remember that it wouldnít do you any good If our paths crossed again. You wonít cry, you wonít wait for me, You wonít go see my parents But what the hell, by staying here, Iíll be mining gold for the nation. My sufferings will end, Iíll make it through everything, And they íll let me go no matter what, But for the moment, in the camp, I sleep in my bunk And try to forget you. Here, the forests bend with the wind. Thereís nothing but snow, Well may you scream. Behind, seven thousand kilometres, A head, seven years of fog to get through.
© ?. Translation, 1975