I donít like the outcome thatís fatal I will always have desire to live And I hate when comes the time of year All my cheery songs are taking leave I donít like cynicism or deification Neither one will find place in my mind, And I hate it when a stranger reads my letters Peering through my shoulder from behind I donít like to leave my things half-finished Or when conversationís stopped mid-way Hate those shooting in the back and also Those who aim between the eyes, two feet away I donít like the rumors born by vanity Worms of doubt, addicts hooked on praise And i hate when patted in the wrong direction And a dreadful tune a nail on chalkboard plays I donít like excessive self-assurance Iíd prefer for breaks to fail instead And itís a shame a word like "honor" is forgotten Leaving room for gossip to be spread I donít like the ones who bully others And those who are obediently victimized Their broken wings would not get my compassion Although i wonít deny my pity for the Christ I donít like myself when i feel frightened Or when an innocent bystander takes the hit Or when people pry into my heart in search of something Or even worse, they try to spit in it I donít like maneges or arenas Raising millions by pennies from the herd Even though big changes lay ahead of us I will always stay true to these words
© Larisa Yasser. Translation, 2010