Here paws at fur-trees shiver on weight, Here birds chirp is disturbing. You live in bewitched wild wood, Whence it is impossible to leave. Let bird cherries dry as linen on a wind, Let lilacs fall down as rain, All the same I from here will take away you In palace where pipes play. Your world sorcerers on thousand years It is covered from me and from light. And you think that nothing is more fine, Than this bewitched wood is. Let on leaves there will be no dew in the morning, Let the moon with the cloudy sky are in quarrel, All the same I from here will take away you In light tower with balcony on the sea. In what day of week, in which to hour You will leave to me cautiously? When I on hands will carry away you There, it is impossible where to find us? I will steal you, if theft to you to liking, Whether in vain I have squandered so much forces. Agree at least on paradise in shelter of branches, If someone has occupied a tower with a palace.
Svetlana Dolgushina. Translation, 2010