I cannot stand, when something ends too quickly, And I am never sick of life, I donít like season with a title ďanyĒ, In case sad songs are in my mind I do not like cold cynicism and critics, According to my view excitement doesnít last And also I donít like when someone reads my letters Standing behind my back meanwhile I cannot stand, when everything is one way Or when a conversation is on pause I cannot stand when someone shoots in my back, And I despise, that someone shoots at all I cannot stand assumptions being gossips Or when beliefs are not strong enough I hate as well being stroked in wrong direction, And also iron making scratch on glass I cannot stand a man not hungry being stubborn Itís better maybe, if his breaks refuse And I regret that ďhonorĒ is forgotten And thereís lot of things, to which I must get used In case I see that someones wings are broken I donít feel pity on the man I cannot stand when there is too much power Or too little strength to make a step again I hate myself, when I am frightened Or when the ones without guilt are kicked, I cannot stand when someone climbs through soul Or even worse, when someone spits in it I cannot stand parades and circus places ĎCause the exchange rate there is too high And let in front of me be changes, It is a statement, from which Iíll not resign
© L. Voskobojnikova. Translation, 2017