We prowled seas, in a corsair, for four long years In storms and battles, never faded our colors, We learned to knit up our sails, hold up our tears, And also learned to patch the holes in the hull with bodies. Weíre being chased, a rival squadronís closing up, The seas are flat, we canít escape to meet them, But calmly, in a softer voice, the captain spoke to us: "It isnít evening yet. It isnít evening." We see the flagship slowly turning her broadside, And then the smokes are coming out from cannons, Our volley crackles randomly by a guess, The death and fire is theirs, but luck is ours! Through bigger troubles, we have been before, Though winds are daunting, and the frame is leaking, But captain, he calls out for an encore: "It isnít evening yet. It isnít evening." Binoculars, lorgnettes, thousands of eyes, All staring at us through smokes, weíre mad and sweaty, But never, will they ever get a chance, To see us chained to rawboats and bound for slavery! Unfair fight, weíre turning to a wreck! Save our souls, a whisper asks for mercy... But hear the captain once again, he yells, "all hands on deck!" "It isnít evening yet! It isnít evening!" "Who wants to live, whoís funny, whoís not a whimp," "Prepare your hands for a hand-to-hand encounter, "And rats, the rats can clear out my ship" "And clear the way for a relentless battle!" Then rats were thinking "isnít that a devilís prank?" And jumped away while trying to escape the killing, But us, we pulled with the flagship, side by side, It isnít evening yet. It isnít evening. Weíre face-to-face, and knife-to-knife, and eyes-to-eyes, while jumping over sharks in murky waters, With pistols, and with daggers, and in tears, Thatís how we left from our sinking home But no, they canít send it to the floor, The ocean will help by giving us a shoulder, Because the ocean, always helps us, as before, And captain, he was right, it isnít over!
© ?. Translation, 2014