I do not like the fatal outcome. I am never getting tired of life I do not like any yearís time, When joyful songs are not sung. I do not like an open cynicism Do not believe in rapture I, and more, When others are reading my letters Overlooking through my shoulder. I do not like it when it is in half Or when the conversation interrupted. I do not like being shot in the back, I am also against shots at close fix. I hate the gossip in the form of versions, Worms of doubt, needle of revering, Or, when all the time against the grain, Or, when the glass is scratched by the iron. I do not like certainty satiated, Better brakes will go loose! I am sad that the word "honor" is forgotten, And slander behind the eyes is honored. When I see the broken wings No pity in me and for a reason - I do not like violence and impotence, I only pity the crucified Christ. I do not like myself when I am scared, It is sad to me when innocents are beaten, I do not like when someone crawls into my soul, Especially when they spit in it. I do not like maneges and arenas Million on them are exchanging for a cent Though future holds great changes, Iíll never love THAT.
© ?. Translation, 2010