I do not like an outcome thatís fatal, And never do get tired of my life. Iím really up to any ruthless battle When thereíre songs that make for better strive. I do not like the cynicism thatís naked. I never trust enthusiasm and more - I do believe that something should be sacred - Like privilege to read my mail alone. I do not like incessant incompleteness, Or when connection is abruptly lost. Shots in the back - is what I hate to sickness. A point-blank shot - is what I hate the most. I do not like the wild and idle rumors, Disdain the doubt and flattering excess. I cannot stand the wrong way rubbing movements, And when the iron squeals against the glass. I do not like assurance with no bottom - Had better brakes malfunction on the ride. Iím really sad that honor is forgotten And evil slanderís honored with pride. When someoneís wings break down and Iím a witness, Iíve no compassion and whatever price, I do not like the violence and weakness - My only mercy left for Jesus Christ. I hate myself when I am caught with fear, And get upset when innocent is hurt. I do not like my soul approached near Moreover - when itís wallowed in dirt. I do not like the craving for performance - The way a fortuneís wasted coin by coin. And even though there is a bit of solace, Iím never gonna like it - thatís my point.
© Dmitry Chemankov. Translation, 2011