Iím a Yak fighter plane, my engine is ringing my home is up in the sky but the man inside me thinks he is the Fighter I shot down a Junkers in this dogfight I owned him... but Iím sick and tired of the man inside me I was pierced by bullets in my previous dogfight mechanic patched me up but the man inside me is forcing me into another spiral the dropping bomb is bringing death to the airfield but it sounds as if the stabilizer is singing: "Peace be upon your house" a Messerschmitt is moving in to my rear letís get out of here, Iím tired of getting hit but looks like the man inside me plans to ram him head on what is he doing? weíre about to blow up but Iím not meant to burn in the sand exceeding all limits and critical speeds, I pull out of a dive Iím in the lead but behind me - burn me in blazes! - whereís my wingman? there, he started belching smoke, nodded and began to sing: "Peace be upon your house" and the man inside my skull was left on his own and got into trouble he messed me up and got me into a dive right out of a loop heís pulling back on the stick, pulling several gís an ace-pilot wannabe but I still have to obey him and this is for the last time I swear, I wonít be obedient anymore Iíd rather be lying on the ground doesnít he hear my pulse going crazy? the fuel - my lifeblood - is on empty a machineís patience has a limit and his time is up and the man inside me suddenly buried his face in the windshield heís been killed! finally! Iím flying light and free burning up the last of my strength but whatís wrong?! Iím in a steep dive and just cannot pull out itís too bad I managed so little on my own I hope someone else has better luck and so before the end, I also got to sing that same tune: "Peace be upon your house"
© ?. Translation, 2011