It used to be like this, I used to love, I used to suffer It used to be like this, I was dreaming only about her I saw her secretly in a dream She was like Amazon woman on the white horse What did I have all the wisdom of boring books for If I could fall to her footprints with my lips What happened to you, queen of my dreams? What happened to you, my illusive happiness? Our souls were bathing in the spring Our heads were swimming in fire And sadness and pain with her were far away And it seemed that there wonít be melancholy And now, even if her shroud has fallen I laugh through my tears and I cry without reason By eternal cold and ice your blood is chained You live by fear and presentiment of the end. I realized, I canít sing more songs I realized, I canít see more dreams Days with her were streched by threads of lies With her I only had mirages I burn the remains of my festive clothes I tear the strings, releasing myself of daze I wonít be a slave of illusive hopes I wonít bow to the idols of deception anymore!
© ?. Translation, 2012