All along the war like under ? tie I was constantly dragging to home, Though being hot-blooded, was fighting all right. Well, he was all in a hurry, even once did not bend, And his war turned around, just for two years almost nothing. Cant hear his pulse from the spring of í43, Well, I plunged in the pre-war dreams, And I am looking, and dulling, but breathing heavily, He was simply better, simply better, well, but I got lucky. I have not lived under cover, did not drink tea with the Lord, I did not ask to be in the rear, nor the skirt of the fate, But women made silent hints whenever they met me: If you have stayed there forever, may be mine would come back. For me, its not a mystery, their sad question, For me its also not sweet, that they have not come true. I changed my answer: "Sorry, that i am intact, I accidentally came back, well, but yours failed". He shouted at last, burning in the plane: "Live, youíll last", - could be heard through the din. We flew under God, pretty close to the heaven, He raised a little bit higher, and sat there, well, but I dragged to the ground. The pilot met the heaven airfield coldly, He sat on his stomach, but he did not crawl on it, He fell asleep - did not woke up, he began to sing - but did not finish his song, So I came back, I came back, well, he did not make it. I am all around, and forever guilty to those, With whom i am meeting today, I would take it to be an honor. And though we flown alive until the end, Memory burns us and conscience is torturing us, for those who has it. Someone sparingly and precisely counted our time, In our short life, short as a concrete strip. And on it, who crashed, who took off forever. Well, but I landed, I landed, thatís where the trouble is.
© ?. Translation, 2009