If you come upon someone, Not a friend, not an enemy, just so, if you canít place him at the first moment as a comrade or a foe, Take him to the mountains, go! and donít let him be alone. have him hew to you and you to him and youíll know whatís in his bones. If in the mountains this guy, well, he starts to limp and moan, if on the glacier face he stumbles, falling over stones, Then you are with stranger but donít curse him, leave him by. Donít waste your time together climbing and singing of time on high. Yet if he doesnít whine or jabber, though he fumes and feels the strain, and if when tumbling off the trail, he holds your rope despite the pain, if he follows in your footsteps, and stands drunk against the sky, It means this one is just as you; Upon him, rely.
© ?. Translation, 2012