When water of the Flood came in a row Within the borders of the coast above, From froth of the receding rapid flow Came to the surface everlasting Love... And vanished into air till tomorrow And these "tomorrows" were hundred in the rough. And some odd fellows, trust me, do their best To breathe in this "love mixture" with their chest, They don’t wait for the punishment or pleasure, Thinking they breathe it at no one’s expense, They flow in streams of Love, as if by chance, And seized by waterfall they lose all measure. This sudden feeling like a gulf Will never meet a calming fire, Before the notion that - I Love Means that I live, that I respire! There will be many travels, barriers, stops, The land of Love’s the biggest of all lands. Its knights will undergo severe probes And some of them will make their final stands, Sticking in swamps of distance and vain hopes, Not passing through the jungle and the sands. But one can not return some crazy knights, They’re ready to have Love at any price, Even the life for next to nothing they would’ve sold, For saving the thin thread in their strong hold, For keeping betwixt him and her those subtle ties Which are united by the sparkles in their eyes. The wisest men got drunk by bloody dew Gulping with pleasure the insidious gift, If you have never loved it means for you - You’ve never breathed and never lived. Many have choked in that mysterious foam, Those martyrs were not seen again on Earth, They went away after that painful distant roam, Their genuine home was built for them above. We can just light a candle at their tomb, Who perished from incredible true Love. Their voices are united now by inches, Their souls roam now in flowers on the ridges, They breathe as one gigantic vital force And sit together like two loving pigeons On fragile fords and everlasting bridges, On narrow crossroads of the Universe. I will lay a meadow for sweethearts, Let them be harmonious and entire, I love and that means that it hurts! It hurts, that means I do respire!
© Svetlana Gulin. Translation, 2011