When the water of the great flood Return again within the boundaries of the shores From the foam of the disappearing stream Love has quietely crawled ashore And dissipated in the air until the day and there were many forties of the days until that day And there still remain some weird people That breath this mixture with their full chest The donít seek any rewards, nor punishment And while they think that they are simply breathing They suddenly enter the rhytm Of the the same nervous breathing Only I feel, that just like the ship that should remain afloat for a long time Before I know that I love It will be the same as I breath or live There will be many travels and adventures The country of love - it is a great country! And it will ask more and more strictly of its knights for challenges It will ask for separation and great distances It will deprive of the rest, sleep and peace But it is impossible to turn around the mad They are alredy ready to pay Any price, and they even can give their life So that the magic string is not torn and is preserved That has been run between them The fresh air was making chosen drunk It was sweeping them off their feet and was raising dead Because if you havenít loved Then you havenít breathed and you havenít lived For many who has drowned in blood You canít call on them, no matter how much you yell Their count is kept by rumors and empty words And this count is mixed with blood And we will put the candles at head their deathbeds For those who dies from the love unseen I wish their voices always mix in rhytm And their souls will travel fields of flowers And breath with eternity in one breath And finally meet with sigh on their lips On fragile ferries and bridges On narrow intersections of worldís foundations I will make the fields for those who are in love Let them sing while they are asleep and while awake I breath and this means I love I love and this means I live
© ?. Translation, 2011