If a friend Turned out in the end Not a friend inasmuch as such, If you can’t tell what is his deal, Is he fake or for real? By the mountains you try This guy, Go with him hand in hand To ascend, On the same safety line You climb, Then you’ll see who and why. If he was on the slopes A slob, If he struggled a bit Then quit, Made one step on the ice And died, Tripped a little and cried. Then you’d know what not He’s got. Do not scold him no more, Let go. Th’ mountains are not a place To waste Time and songs in his case. If he didn’t cry, Didn’t whine. Pissed and mad, He still pressed ahead. When you’d gone Down, he held on. Cut his hands to the bone, Stood by you as in fight Without fright, Getting high On the mountains’ height, Trust him with all your wealth and health As you would trust yourself.
© Dmitry Berger. Translation, 2010