Around the burn candles and evening prays, Around the war trophies and peaceful bonfires, The children who like to read books is lived, And who were unhappy because their little childish disasters. The children is always unhappy With their age and life - So we fought till scratches, Till mortal insults. But our dresses were patched By our mothers in time, Because we war reading books, And we were drunk from text lines. Our hairs was stick to perspiring foreheads, And we felt hunger when read those phrases. And our head were dizzi from odor of fight, That was flow out of book pages turned in yellow. And we was trying to understand - We, who never knew the war Who though the howl is war-cry [So we tried to understand] The mystery behind term ęOrderĽ The use of borders, The purpose of attack and clang of chariots. In boiling boilers of previous fights and distempers So many foods for our small brains! So, to the roles of betrayers, cowards and Judas We was assign own enemies in our childish games. Then we were chasing them While their footprints was still hot, And we was promise to the beautiful ladies To love them; Then we was calm down our friends And while show the gratitude to our close peoples, We has assigned to the role of hero Self. However, itís impossible to stay in dreams forever: The time of games is short - so much pain around! Just try to open flat of the hand of dead person And accept the weapon from work-worn hands. Try to test, when you got The sword that is still warm And equipthe armors, - How itís fell like, how its feel like! Find out, if you coward Or the chosen by destiny, Then taste The real fight. Then, when your injured friend will fall down near your And you will cry on your first loss, And when you jump out of your skin Because he was killed, instead of you - You will got that you just understand, Saw the difference and find out By looking onto grin - This is grin of death! Look at the lie and evil, How ugly their faces, And they always left behind - The ravens and coffins! If you never used knife to eat the meat from it If you were standing on the top of all with folded hands and looking down, And didnít fought with scoundrel and executioner - This means you are not related with life! But if you were clearing your way With your fatherís sword And the salty tears Were fall on your mustache, If in hot fight You did understand how itís like, This means the correct books You were read in child time!
© ?. Translation, 2013