Nowadays all prison time is over, Nowadays prison camp gate is blocked with boards, And above it a sign reads: “Everybody left for the front”. All our sins will be forgiven - Such are feelings of our people: If Motherland is in danger, Than everybody must go to war [to the front]. Every year counts there as three years, The same as in the prison camp. Today we are equal to prison guards - Today everybody must leave for the front. Look, the prison commandant Beryozkin - So haughty, so arrogant, As if his heart was blocked with boards, - But even he vent to the front. It would be better to place him at the rear: He was only brave while handling us, - The military court awarded him with capital punishment After he had shot and wounded himself. But we - we had raised to the task, So they awarded us later: Those who survived - with medals, Those who died - with cemetery crosses. And in future new prison camp mates Will read next to the prison gate Our names behind the glass board With the sign: “They’d fallen at the front”.
© ?. Translation, 2013