Where was I last night? No chance I will find. Some wallpaper on walls... I remember it... mostly... The marie girl... and some other whore. Never mind! I made out with both. ‘til I lost it I woke up the next day and I heard it at once cursed the hostess, they say, then all naked I danced tried to frighten them all spoke in verses and sang and my father I called a big general man they say later I tore up my shirt, beat my chest every one, I annoyed, hurt some feelings claimed they everyone sold me or maybe betrayed bothered them with my songs through the evening I stopped drinking sometime guess I needed to rest then on walls I poured wine broke glasses in jest opened windows, and more! grabbed some china, you guessed, threw it all on the floor then... my head hit a desk no one dared with me, not a one but later... they surely rallied all at once, laughing hard, forced me down, tied me up just like that... and no one cared some just spat in my face others forced me to drink and some dancer, with grace, hit me hard, but in sync then, a beautiful widow, faithful still to her man, pity took on me, kiddo, she said, make a stand in the kitchen, my face nothing but bloody mess I said, chill, no more trouble, you dorks cut the ropes, you assassins, and I will confess they untied me, right after they hid all the forks there are no words to describe the next scene hands of mine became swords strong I was like a fiend I beastly turned red like an animal wild on windows I fed, 911 hosts dialed Where was I last night? No chance I will find. Yes! wallpaper on walls... I remember it... mostly... as if sprayed hard by mace, bruises all dark and blue no way to save face, what comes next, no clue if true is one third of what happened last night there’s nothing to do but hide self from the sight it was only that widow who made it all right took some pity on me, said, come home, I invite
© ?. Translation, 2013